my name is Sabrina.

Let’s face it: bios are boring.
So, here are three things about me, so we can start to know each other.

1: I chose this job because I like to “put order in the chaos” and make sense out of things.

I like to dabble in a lot of areas: I work for the web, with printed stuff and with videos… and who knows what I’m going to experience tomorrow.

2: I’m a fast learner and a good teacher.

And I love to always learn new stuff and to teach what I already know.
I worked for various private schools, where I taught courses about specific applications and about other, broader topics design-related.

3: I’m a bit of a nerd, but I’m friendly and I don’t bite.

I’m extremely organized and an order maniac (my socks are color-coded, for real): please don’t hold that against me.
I love pizza and I’m addicted to sugar. Nothing is unfixable if I can have dessert afterwards. Or pizza beforehand. Or both.

Get in touch!

Are you an alien from outer space? Do you like cookies?
Drop me a line at info @ sabrinanicola.it or feel free to contact me through Facebook or Twitter.