Project Description

Project Brief

Pyttipanna creates a variety of cute stuff… plus, she’s very cute herself.
It seemed just appropriate to draw her like a japanese doll, wearing one of her handmade kimonos and her trademark sunglasses.
For her logo, I customized a delicate font and added the tagline “things made with love” because, well, it’s what she does.

What she does, and what I designed for her.

Pyttipanna makes and sells all sorts of handmade stuff. Her best sellers are pieces of jewelry made with polymer clay charms, but she also sews kimonos and makes little sculptures and assorted knickknacks.

A girly (but not too girly) color palette.

Customizable items for social network communication.

Pyttipanna promotes her small business through the social networks, so in her communication she relies heavily on photographs. She’s not very skilled with technology, so she needed ready-made graphic solutions that could be easily applied on the go, sometimes even through a smartphone.

  • Easy-to-apply PNG overlays for Instagram pictures.
  • Easy-to-fill image layouts for Facebook highlighted posts.
  • Easy-to-customize calendars for discounts and events.